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Pagero TMS
Get full control of your freight spend

Save up to 15-20% of total freight turnover

Use Pagero TMS to control freight spend and achieve real-time visibility of transport costs. Our freight audit and reconciliation service automatically validates invoices and identifies and handles deviations, ensuring data accuracy and reducing overall costs by up to 15-20%. Pagero’s open, global network gives you the freedom to connect with any logistics provider of your choice via a single connection. Our cloud-based network means our TMS solution can follow you wherever your operations or business partners take you.

Automated invoice control

Let Pagero TMS simplify your invoice auditing and reconciliation through our automated spend management and cost control services. Our services will:

  • Validate your invoices against contracts

  • Identify and handle deviations according to your pre-determined business rules
  • Ensure data quality for enhanced machine learning and operational insights

  • Help you control and reduce overall freight costs

Take control of your logistics spend with Pagero TMS

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A single system for global operations

Pagero TMS incorporates Pagero’s Compliance Service to help you achieve local compliance, including tax / VAT requirements. Our cloud-based network and global reach mean our platform is in place whenever you decide to scale or expand your operations. With no boundaries to where you can operate, you are free to follow your business across the globe.

AI and machine learning for real-time transport and freight management

Pagero brings you the best of AI and machine learning through our TMS solution. Using your fully indexed history to develop personalised insights, Pagero TMS gives you the ability to track and modify your flow of goods in real-time to improve operational performance. Combine Pagero TMS with our Analytics and Reporting Services to gain even greater insights into your transport operations.

The solution is equipped with a number of predetermined quality controls to filter out inaccuracies and ensure that we can feel secure.

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