Pagero Compliance Services meet customer challenges head-on

15 maggio 2024

To meet increasing customer demands due to the number of jurisdictions introducing e-invoicing and CTC (continuous transaction controls) obligations multiplying worldwide, Pagero is introducing an updated compliance services offering. This will meet customer needs and help them fulfil the changing regulations, using various tools and service tiers. 

The emergence of new e-invoicing and CTC regulations globally shows no signs of slowing down. In response, several compliance service tiers have been introduced to help our customers keep up with the dynamic regulatory landscape. 

Flexible Compliance Services tailored to varied needs 

The flexible Compliance Services cater to diverse customer needs and operational complexities with the multi-tiered solutions below.

Tier 1: Information access

The Pagero Regulatory Atlas provides a concise overview of prevalent e-invoicing requirements worldwide. This includes formats and models implemented in different jurisdictions and provides the audience with the most relevant regulatory updates.

Additionally, our monthly Compliance Monitor keeps the audience informed about the latest e-invoicing and CTC developments.

Tier 2: Detailed and real-time information access

Users of the Pagero Network can subscribe to real-time Compliance Alerts, offering detailed notifications on regulatory changes in supported jurisdictions. These Compliance Alerts provide a greater level of detail beyond the information available on the company website.

Moreover, Country Compliance Reports offer comprehensive insights into e-invoicing and e-archiving regulations in engaged jurisdictions.

Tier 3: Compliance Library

The Compliance Library offers an extensive repository encompasssing e-invoicing, CTC, and e-archiving requirements across over 75 jurisdictions. In addition, it provides explanations of various e-invoicing and CTC models and their implications for business operations.

Curated by our subject matter experts, the Library provides detailed analyses and explanations, drawing from trusted sources and direct inputs from local authorities, and being continuously updated.

Tier 4: Compliance Centre of Excellence

Operating two regional e-invoicing and CTC Compliance Centres of Excellence (CoE), Pagero extends personalized hands-on compliance support to customers. Through CoE, customers gain insights into the impact of regulations on their operations and receive updates on unofficial or planned developments not widely known to the general public.

In summary, as global regulations surrounding e-invoicing and CTC continue to evolve, businesses are turning to comprehensive compliance solutions to ensure adherence and operational efficiency.

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