Statement to customers & partners regarding Thomson Reuters’ acquisition of Pagero

12 marzo 2024

Following the successful completion of Thomson Reuters' acquisition of Pagero, we are excited to share more details about what this transaction means for our customers and partners. First and foremost, Pagero’s solutions and services are available and will continue to be provided in the normal course. The integration of our two companies will be a thoughtful and gradual process, with the end goal of bringing our customers and partners an even more comprehensive suite of solutions for automated and compliant business transactions.

A seamless transition and bright horizon for customers and partners 

Thomson Reuters is a content-driven technology company that serves professionals across legal, tax, accounting, government, and media. Our partnership accelerates our mutual vision for a globally connected ecosystem of compliance solutions powered by the world’s largest smart business network, including solutions for e-invoicing, amongst other capabilities - ready to meet the evolving needs of customers worldwide. 

As we look forward to further developing the potential this transaction brings, we want to reassure all our customers and partners across 140+ countries that their existing contracts, services, points of contact and support channels remain unchanged. Pagero as a company, brand and product portfolio remains unchanged. We will continue to invest in Pagero's platforms and solutions, with the ambition to remain a market leading product and vendor.

We remain committed to our mission to build the world’s largest smart business network. Over time, customers and partners will also be able to take advantage of combining Pagero's offerings with the Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE suite, which provides enhanced compliance support and global scalability through a single, trusted vendor.

“I am excited to embark on this journey and believe that Pagero and Thomson Reuters joining forces and combining our offerings will create an unparallelled new player on the market. Our primary focus continues to be our customers and our partners, and we remain committed to helping you make buying and selling easy.” Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Pagero.

A shared vision for an enhanced partner ecosystem and continued openness and collaboration

This merger extends beyond integrating two leading global players. It represents a step towards offering an enhanced and expanded product portfolio to our partner and customer ecosystems, ensuring that every participant finds new avenues for growth and collaboration. 

Through this merger, we will embrace an open-market approach, allowing all partners (including those with overlapping propositions with Pagero and Thomson Reuters) to thrive in our vibrant business network reaching more than 14 million businesses. We believe this approach will maximize end-customer value by providing choice and encouraging partners to leverage parts, or all, of our product portfolio.

“Our successful commercial partnership with Pagero is a testament to our strategic and cultural fit, and we are thrilled to now be able to welcome the talented Pagero team to Thomson Reuters. We are excited by the unique potential of Pagero’s Smart Business Network and fully recognize the significant value this open ecosystem provides to customers, suppliers and authorities.” Steve Hasker, President and CEO of Thomson Reuters.

Looking ahead with optimism

With our combined expertise, we are building a future where businesses can leverage digitalization to easily manage operational inefficiencies, the complexities of cross-border operations and multinational regulatory compliance. 
We are committed to a thoughtful and transparent transition, ensuring that the benefits of this merger are realized across our customer and partner communities.

Thank you for your continued trust.


Partnerships & Alliances FAQ

Q: I have an overlapping/competing offering with Thomson Reuters and/or Pagero. Will you seek to terminate or change the nature of our existing relationship with you?
A: We believe in providing choice to our customers, and as such we will continue welcoming partners with overlapping offerings as long as the end-to-end proposition enhances the end-customer experience and value. Pagero and Thomson Reuters have some unique and market leading products that we know can be packaged alongside specialized value-added offerings, thereby offering a greater customer experience.

Q: We have a partnership/alliance relationship with both Pagero and Thomson Reuters. Will the merger force me to change how I work with you, and who we interface with?
A:  We do not intend to change what is already working well. Instead, we will work with our partners to identify how they can leverage the benefit of both Pagero and Thomson Reuters, and only if it makes sense to our partners (and ultimately the end-customer), will we collectively decide how we enrich our partnering scope & model.

Q: We have signed up to the Pagero or Thomson Reuters Partner Program, which version applies now that you are the same company?
A: There are no immediate changes. Over time, Pagero and Thomson Reuters will however combine our partner programs to ensure that our partners can get the most out of our new expanded organization and product offering.

Q: I have a partnership or alliance agreement with Thomson Reuters or Pagero, and want to leverage this merger to expand our current partnering scope – how do we proceed?
A: Get in touch with your partner manager, and we’ll make it happen!

Q: We are in the process of signing an agreement with Pagero, but we already have one with Thomson Reuters. Should we stop our engagements with Pagero, and wait to be covered by our agreement with Thomson Reuters?
A: There is no need to stop any conversations, unless you think there is value in operating under a common framework. If so, talk to your partner manager and we’ll work with you to make it a reality!

Q: We have planned co-marketing activities with Pagero. Will they continue as usual, do we have to change any logos, branding or naming in the promo materials?
A: We remain committed to enabling co-marketing activities with our partners. There is no need to change any branding or naming in any materials at this time. 


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