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E-invoicing mandate in India

The e-invoicing mandate in India requires certain businesses to generate and share invoices in a standard electronic format with the government. This change was introduced as part of the Indian government's efforts to digitise its processes and reduce paperwork. 

Important dates

1 August 2023

All businesses with turnovers exceeding INR 5 crores (ca. EUR 560 000) must integrate their systems and clear invoices via the IRP platform before sharing invoices with customers.

1 May 2023

The Indian GSTN imposes a 7-day time limit on reporting invoices through the IRP portal for taxpayers with a certain minimum annual turnover amount. 

1 October 2022

E-invoicing mandated for taxpaying businesses with an annual threshold of INR 10 crore (approx. 1.2+ million USD).

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