Pagero launches the next generation business network

3 de outubro de 2023

On 3 October 2023, Pagero announce the launch of its upgraded Pagero Network, bringing a new user interface and new features to market.

“We believe that buying and selling as a business should be as easy as connecting and communicating with friends or colleagues through Facebook or LinkedIn. That is why we are building the world’s largest business network, to allow businesses to find and start trading with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world – digitally and seamlessly”, says Gustav Dahllöf, Chief Product Officer at Pagero.

With the upgrade, it is now easier than ever before for users to find and connect with other businesses on the network. In addition to a new interface, users get access to a wide range of new functionalities and features, such as:

  • Search lets a user search for and connect with customers and suppliers available on Pagero Network.
  • Profile lets a user build a business profile that is visible to existing and potential customers and suppliers on the platform.
  • Monitor lets users upload lists of existing customers and suppliers to see which of them are available on Pagero Network.
  • Invite help users invite customers and suppliers to sign up to Pagero Network.

“We are only scratching the surface when it comes to the value of a Smart Business Network – it is so much more than enabling the exchange of a business document between a buyer and a seller. We want to become the hub through which you source and trade with customers and suppliers anywhere in the world – a user experience that is powered by the data of billions of documents exchanged through the platform. With over 90,000 customers and a network reaching over 14 million businesses around the world, we are soon there” says Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Pagero.

About Pagero

Pagero provides a Smart Business Network that connects buyers and sellers for automated, compliant, and secure exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions and other business documents. With an open network and a wide range of value-added apps, Pagero helps businesses streamline their order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes while unlocking the full potential of accurate and reliable business data. All of this, regardless of location, industry, size or systems. 

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