Pagero completes ViDA pilot together with Nordic Smart Government

15. November 2023

Pagero, a provider of a smart business network for automated compliant and secure business transactions, announce the successful participation in a ViDA pilot arranged by the Nordic Smart Government & Business (NSGB (

This achievement marks a significant milestone in Pagero’s commitment to spearhead digital transformation in the Nordic region and promotion of Peppol CTC globally, as the most optimal model for e-invoicing CTC compliance and business process automation.

The pilot showcased real-life application of Peppol CTC (5-corner or DCTCE) model to comply with both the e-invoicing and digital reporting requirements (DRR) [jointly referred to as “CTC”] for intra-Community sales and purchase invoices under the ViDA (VAT in the Digital Age) proposal by the European Commission. More precisely, the participating parties demonstrated compliance with the following aspects of ViDA:


  • Real-time issuance, exchange and reception of EN compliant e-invoices, based on Peppol BIS specifications over a secure and interoperable Peppol Network, 
  • Real-time validation of issued and received e-invoices according to established VAT requirements, 
  • Real-time creation and communication to respective tax administration of the “ViDA message”, where:
    • ViDA message is a EN compliant subset of sales respectively purchase e-invoice that fulfils the content requirements established by ViDA, 
    • ViDA message is generated automatically by certified provider, without any additional work by or burden on the end-user, and 
    • ViDA message is provided to the tax administration much quicker than 2-day window established by ViDA.
  • The exact match between relevant mandatory data elements of the ViDA message and the e-invoice.

The pilot involved active participation of the five Nordic tax administrations, from the EU side: Denmark, Finland and Sweden, and from non-EU: Iceland and Norway, effectively demonstrating that the model can as well be applied to export and import transactions and not only intra-community or domestic transactions. The engaged tax administrations verified and confirmed compliance with the above listed requirements. 

"We are thrilled to have achieved this significant milestone in our journey towards a digitally transformed Nordic region. The success of this pilot phase demonstrates the dedication of all parties involved, both public and private sector participants. We look forward to continuing our work to make digitalization a reality for governments and businesses across the Nordics. With the completion of this pilot, we can proudly say that Pagero is the first VIDA-ready global provider", says Joakim Hahne, Regional Manager North Europe at Pagero.

“Being the lead architect behind Peppol CTC   and DCTCE   approach to e-invoicing compliance, we are excited to see that our hard work starts bearing fruits. The recent announcement by Singapore   that they will implement Peppol CTC, combined with this successful NSGB ViDA pilot we believe proves the model, not only for Europe, but globally”, says Nazar Paradivskyy VP Regulatory Affairs at Pagero. 

Pagero remains committed to playing a leading role in driving the adoption of digital solutions and shaping the future of administrative processes in the Nordics and globally.

For more information, please contact:

Oscar Wegland, CMO
[email protected]

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The NSGB aims to create value for the SMEs by making real-time business data accessible and usable for innovation and growth across the region, in an automatic, consent based and secure manner. This collaborative effort brings together governments, businesses, and technology partners to drive the region towards a smarter, more digitally advanced future. For more information, visit

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