Pagero & Microsoft launch e-invoicing capabilities in the United States

15 de março de 2024

Pagero and Microsoft Corp announce their capability to exchange electronic invoices via DBNA (Digital Business Networks Alliance), an e-invoicing framework for the US market.

Microsoft Corp selected Pagero as a strategic global e-invoicing provider in July 2020. Two years later, Pagero and Microsoft Corp announced their new partnership and participation in the DBNA pilot (formerly known as BPC Business Payment Coalition). Since then, Pagero and Microsoft have worked closely to develop the ability to exchange and validate documents using the network and standard formats and are now ready to deliver e-invoices to any Microsoft customer who is connected to the DBNA Network.

“We are excited to launch these new capabilities together with Microsoft and very much welcome the DBNA initiative as an enabler and accelerator for continued digitalization on the US market. Our experience from other markets has taught us that an open and scalable infrastructure is one of the cornerstones for mass adoption, and we intend to be at the forefront of it, together with our partner”, says Erik Modh, Managing Director at Pagero Inc.

About Pagero
Pagero provides a Smart Business Network that connects buyers and sellers for automated, compliant, and secure exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions and other business documents. With an open network and a wide range of value-added apps, Pagero helps businesses streamline their order-to-cash and purchase-to-pay processes while unlocking the full potential of accurate and reliable business data. All of this, regardless of location, industry, size or systems. Find out more on

About DBNA

More information about Digital Business Networks Alliance is available on their website

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