The Digital Outlook: Middle East - Trends in financial innovation and regulation

May 27, 2024


The Middle East is experiencing a significant transformation, driven by advancements in financial innovation and digital compliance. But what are the key factors driving this change, and what should businesses consider to successfully navigate it?

In this whitepaper, explore the transformative trends reshaping business in the Middle East. Discover essential insights and strategies on the impact of new fintech, regulatory updates, and the rise of venture capital driven by government initiatives. Learn how these changes can enhance your business operations and gain market trust. Download this whitepaper to navigate the future of innovation and sustainable success in the region.

Topics covered:

  • Navigating the wave of change in the Middle East

  • Global hub for CTC and e-invoicing - billentis

  • Insights into the Middle East fintech boom

  • The rise of e-invoicing in the Middle East - KPMG

  • How tax transparency and audits shape governance and credibility - Thomson Reuters

  • AI and business growth

  • Future proof strategises for modern businesses 

Guest contribution:

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