Pagero Manufacturing Solutions

Access a global network of suppliers, optimise trade relations and scale your business with a single connection to Pagero.

Gain global reach and flexibility

Pagero’s manufacturing solutions are developed to help businesses thrive within the manufacturing industry. Keep up with industry-specific innovation and technology, easily connect to new suppliers and trading partners, and ensure compliance with rapidly-changing regulations.

Access a global network

Reduce switching costs and connect to millions of companies

Reduce maverick spend

Gain control, transparency and real-time traceability across your entire supply chain

Optimise AP and AR processes

Ensure data quality, improve efficiency and free staff for value-added activities

Meet compliance regulations

Become and stay locally compliant across all your markets

Aggregate data across systems and company groups

Gain real-time visibility of transactions for better tracking and insights across your entire operations with Pagero Analytics.

  • Real-time spend overview
  • Export reports
  • Line-level breakdown
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Streamline operations with Pagero Manufacturing Solutions

Supplier onboarding and migration for quick activation

Regardless of where your suppliers are located, our experienced and multi-lingual on-boarding team can help you get them connected quickly and easily. Our team tailors an onboarding process to suit your needs and provide direct engagement and support to your trading partners.

Additional features

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Connect to a network of possibilities

  • Reach existing and new suppliers from one platform
  • Streamline your document handling process
  • Inform smart business decisions with accurate data

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