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We take care of securely connecting your business to the Peppol network and ensuring you comply with all its standards, down to the letter.

Pagero – a Peppol service provider with deep compliance expertise

Since Peppol was launched by the European Commission in 2008, it has rapidly evolved into a global framework that streamlines procurement processes for public and private entities alike, the world over. It’s a common misconception, however, that because it is global it is used in the same way everywhere. Depending on the country or region and its laws, varying operational, technical and security requirements will apply. As a Peppol-certified service provider that has a presence in every country and region currently employing Peppol, Pagero covers all your needs and more, now and in the future.

Document exchange

Send and receive Peppol-compliant documents to and from all other businesses connected to the Peppol Network.

Value-added services

Benefit from value-adds such as format conversion real-time data validation, data enrichment, real-time validation and e-archiving.

Extended reach

Access not only Peppol but all businesses connected to the Pagero Network directly and via our interoperability agreements.

Quality assurance

An automated KYC process validates end-users against a third-party data vendor, and the Pagero platform is ISO27001 and SOC2 certified.

The advantages of Peppol e-invoicing with Pagero

Global capacity

Pagero is one of few service providers that supports all local and cross-border requirements and is active in all Peppol jurisdictions 

Balanced AR and AP expertise

Pagero specializes in both AR and AP and supports all other Peppol messages beyond just invoices

Influential member

Pagero is an active member of various Peppol organizations and communities, shaping the evolution and direction of the network 

Peppol CTC-ready

Pagero was a co-creator of Peppol CTC and we’ve successfully tested our platform against its requirements 

Stay updated on Peppol news

Peppol is constantly being updated, expanded and enhanced. Here you can read more about important developments concerning the network's infrastructure and governance. Looking for country-specific news and information about Peppol? Visit the Regulatory Atlas.

New Business Message Envelope specification is mandatory within Peppol network
OpenPeppol released an addendum to Peppol CTC
OpenPeppol releases new versions of Peppol Code Lists and SMP Specification

Software vendor? We can help you become affiliated with the Peppol network!

To join the Peppol network as a software vendor, you are not required to become a Peppol-certified service provider, instead you can partner with Pagero. You only need to integrate with our platform; we take care of all technical, security, CTC and fiscal requirements in all Peppol jurisdictions, including cross-border traffic. 

Recognition and leadership

We have been active within Peppol communities since the network's inception as a proponent of good governance, accessibility and global scalability, and we continue this work to this day. 

  • First foreign Peppol service provider to go live in Austria and Japan

  • Single Peppol service provider for all B2G e-invoicing in France and Malta

  • Lead architect behind creation of the Peppol CTC model

  • Founding member of POC aimed to implement Peppol as a standard among PDPs in France

  • Member of the Peppol Change Management Board, multiple coordinating communities and workgroups and leader of the Peppol CTC Community

Dig deeper into Peppol

Blog article: What is Peppol?

New to Peppol? In this blog, we provide a breakdown of how Peppol works, the key players involved, must-know terminology, and how it works in relation to governments looking to enforce compliance and monitor transactions. 

On-demand webinar: Peppol to the People

In this webinar, co-hosted with OpenPeppol, we provide an overview of Peppol, the 4-corner interoperability model, how it's being adopted globally for B2G and B2B e-invoicing and explore Peppol’s evolution into CTC.

On-demand webinar: 5 things to consider before selecting a Peppol service provider

Starting your Peppol journey can be daunting, which is why we recorded a webinar where we review the questions to ask yourself and potential service providers before making your selection. 

Join Peppol with Pagero

As a Peppol-certified service provider, we take care of adapting your documents to the Peppol standard and providing secure, consistent access to the network.
  • Drive efficiency and scalability
  • Comply with local regulations
  • Reach the Peppol network and far beyond

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