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Reduce operating costs, improve supply chain management and optimise cash flow with industry-specific solutions.

Improve efficiency and cash flow

Why settle for generic services when you can implement a solution tailored to meet the needs of your industry? Our Centres of Excellence assess your business needs and suggest a range of options to meet them while supporting your customers and partners throughout the process.

Global reach

Achieve global reach through a single connection to our cloud-based network

Standardised process

Use our standardised processes, built on industry expertise and best practice

Tailored applications

Streamline processes with applications designed to meet the needs of your industry

Strategic partnerships

Access key service providers through our partnerships with industry leaders

Industry solutions


Simplify healthcare supply chain management to reduce costs and ensure patient safety.


Access a global network of suppliers, optimise trade relations and scale your business with a single connection to Pagero.

Public sector

An industry-specific solution for digitalising and streamlining purchasing and invoice management.

Other industries

Pagero tailors solutions to meet your needs. Contact us if your specific industry is not mentioned on this page!

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  • Reduce operating costs and optimise cash flow
  • Easily integrate with your existing system
  • Access a global network of businesses and platforms

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