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3 Steps to solve your CTC strategy from the start

Many mandates are on the horizon, both those that have been announced and those that are still to come. Non-compliance with these mandates is not an option.

Right now, businesses have a unique opportunity to review their strategy and consider the best way for their teams to tackle these obligations, but time is of the essence.

Businesses must understand these mandates’ impact on the organisation's functions and processes. A simple tick-box exercise for compliance is no longer viable, and it takes time to implement changes, so where do you start?

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • 3 critical steps you can take today to be ready tomorrow

  • The landscape and how it is evolving  

  • Operational stakeholders to satisfy 

  • The impact of non-compliance 

  • What it takes to be truly successful 

  • How Pagero can help you ensure compliance and automation

  • Live Q&A

45 minutes


Ben Sullivan

Global Account Executive, Pagero

Rosalie Tengey

Global Account Executive, Pagero

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