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Unlock LATAM: E-invoicing compliance for U.S. multinational organizations

Join us for an in-depth discussion hosted by experts from Pagero featuring guest speaker Deloitte Tax LLP.

This webinar will explore essential strategies and latest developments in e-invoicing compliance across Latin America, focusing on the unique challenges faced by U.S. businesses operating in the region. Gain insights into preparing your company for evolving regulatory mandates and learn how to implement a comprehensive global compliance strategy.

This webinar covers:

  • Overview of the regulatory landscape in Latin America

  • Review of country-specific mandates:  Mexico and Colombia

  • Challenges of e-invoicing in Latin America

  • How to build a global, future-proof compliance strategy

60 minutes


Pontus Hanson

VP of Cross Regional Sales, Pagero

Carolina Bueno

VAT Senior Manager, Deloitte Tax

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