French e-invoicing mandate

Everything you need to know about the upcoming e-invoicing mandate in France, what changes to expect and how to prepare.

What does the French e-invoicing mandate mean for businesses?

B2G e-invoicing has been mandatory in France since 2017 and now the French Tax Authority (DGFIP) have announced their intention to mandate countrywide e-invoicing and e-reporting. The proposed start date for the transition is 1 September 2026, with a pilot phase expected to start in 2025. France aims to reduce the VAT gap of about EUR 13 billion, help businesses decrease their invoice and payment processing expenses, and enhance overall productivity in compliance with Chorus Pro through this digital reform.

Timeline for B2B e-invoicing in France


Expected start of pilot phase.

1 September 2026

All taxpayers must be able to receive e-invoices. Mandatory for large and medium-sized companies to issue e-invoices and do e-reporting.

1 September 2027

Mandatory for small enterprises to issue e-invoices and do e-reporting.

Note: This timeline may be postponed by one quarter without Parliament's approval.

Expert guide: Top 5 ways to prepare for the French e-invoicing mandate (updated!)

New guidance now added following the announcement of a new expected timeline!

Download our top 5 tips on how you should be preparing your business for the upcoming e-invoicing mandate in France, with expert advice on what actions you should be taking now!

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Webinar: French e-invoicing mandate updates

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FAQ about the e-invoicing mandate in France

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