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Beyond compliance: Using e-invoicing as a catalyst for digital transformation

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Companies are feeling pressure from government-driven e-invoice and VAT mandates, which are forcing them to adopt technology in order to become compliant – and fast! However, with different legal requirements in each country they operate in, there is a temptation to focus only on short-term needs.

Forward-thinking companies are taking a different approach and looking at the bigger picture. Rather than just trying to comply with regulations, they are using the pressure of global e-invoicing compliance as an opportunity to create long-term value through implementing digital transformation strategies.

What you will learn from this webinar:

  • Challenges vs opportunities arising from pressure of e-invoicing compliance

  • What leading organisations are doing differently

  • Utilising data to inform strategy

  • Q&A

45 minutes


Phil Bailey

Head of Network Expansion, Pagero

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