Pagero for Workday®

Comply with e-invoicing and CTC regulations worldwide and optimize your invoicing processes with Pagero and Workday.

Finance across borders? We have a solution for that.

Workday is one of the world's most popular providers of cloud-based financial software. Thanks to our collaboration and a connection accelerator, we offer Workday users the abililty to harness the power of the Pagero Network to ensure legal compliance wherever they do business and streamline their AP process. All without leaving the Workday interface. 

Learn more about our Workday® collaboration

With our solution, Workday customers have the ability to distribute invoices, orders, and other business documents electronically, while complying with local requirements. Download our fact sheet for a summary of the benefits of this integration. 

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Become and remain compliant — wherever you operate

Once invoices land in your Workday system, Pagero then helps you automatically achieve legal compliance with local e-invoicing and CTC regulations in multiple markets around the world. Depending on the region, this will cover legal requirements like VAT reporting, archiving, and electronic signature. With Pagero's platform, you'll have increased visibility into the status of your invoices and receive real-time notifications, all within the Workday interface. Remove the stress and strain of ensuring compliance with international CTC and e-invoicing regulations — let our technology do it for you.

E-invoicing made easy

  • Compliant

    Meet local e-invoicing and tax regulations wherever you operate

  • International

    Reach all your customers and suppliers through the Workday platform

  • Seamless

    Integrate with the Workday environment without adding new interfaces

  • Efficient

    Increase visibility and efficiency by migrating to a 100% digital process

Streamline your AP operations within Workday®

Pagero’s AP automation solution is an answer to the common problem of receiving invoices in a variety of formats, which translates into constant manual data entry, re-processing, and error resolution. Pagero makes it possible to have a 100% digital process where invoice data is translated to a streamlined digital format that complies with local regulations. With our custom-built Workday integration, the exchange of data and e-documents with your suppliers is seamless, effective, and secure.

Simplify and scale with smart AP automation

  • Reduce manual data entry

    Eliminate the need to manually key invoice data into Workday

  • Increase efficiency

    Accelerate invoice handling and payment processing

  • Reduce costs

    Processing e-invoices cost less and eliminates late payment fees

  • Improve data accuracy

    Fewer invoice errors through data verification and validation

Dig deeper into compliance and AP automation

AP Automation E-book

Interested in maximizing ROI of an automation project? Our free e-book guides you through a range of AP solutions and helps you plan a successful automation project.

E-invoicing and CTC Compliance E-book

What is e-invoicing compliance? Indirect tax, real-time reporting, continuous transaction controls, Peppol? Learn all you need to know in this e-book.

Workday and Pagero: Our partnership story

Learn more about the strategic collaboration of our two companies, which powers the electronic distribution of invoices, orders, and other business documents.

Optimize your financial operations in Workday

Let Pagero's Workday integration reduce your invoicing handling costs and unlock new opportunities thanks to valuable, real-time data.
  • Become compliant in all regions
  • Automate business document exchange
  • Connect to an open, global network

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