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Buying and selling should be easy. Connect to the Pagero Network for a digital, fully compliant exchange of orders, invoices, payment instructions and other business documents — with all of your customers and suppliers, worldwide.

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Digitalization is just the start

Pagero's smart business network and accompanying solutions help you digitalize and automate business transactions in the P2P and 02C process. This not only saves on time and costs, it also unlocks a wealth of data to use for more strategic decision-making.

The advantages of connecting to the Pagero Network


Connect regardless of systems or digital capabilities


Reach all your business partners via a single connection


Ensure regulatory compliance in all markets


Integrate easily and seamlessly with any system

Smart solutions for easier business

Liberate your staff from tedious data entry and document-chasing. Our solutions help minimize manual work, errors and exceptions by automating purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. All while taking care of local and global regulatory compliance.

AP Automation

With Pagero's AP Automation solution, you can receive all your invoices electronically, straight into your financial system — from day one. Increase your control over company spend and ensure your suppliers get paid on time and in the right amount, every time.

  • Turn your invoice process 100% digital from day one

  • Automate your invoice approval process

  • Ensure only accurate data enters your system

  • Fulfil local e-invoice and tax regulations worldwide

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Pagero by the numbers



Thousand hours invested into R&D yearly



Countries with Pagero customers



Offices on 6 continents



Thousand trees saved per year

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Automating business processes for thousands of companies worldwide

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Connect to the network of networks

Exchange documents and automate business transactions with millions of companies across the globe, regardless of their platforms or digital capabilities.
  • Consolidate your e-document strategy
  • Streamline your purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes
  • Easily adapt to local e-invoicing standards and infrastructures

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