Step up cash control with a better overview of your accounts. Pagero's E-banking solution offers streamlined banking and payment processing from anywhere.

All your payment processes in one single interface

Connect to the Pagero Network to reach all your banks, process payments, maintain an audit trail and run financial forecasting — all through a single platform. Pagero's E-banking solution helps you gain control and visibility over business accounts and events thanks to a comprehensive yet straightforward interface. 

Comprehensive overview

Access a full overview of financial data across banks and companies.

View balances
Make payments
Analyse financial data

Easily access historical transactions and export reports.

The advantages of e-banking with Pagero


Review transactions from banks, accounts and ERP systems in one interface


Gain control with traceability and advanced signatures


Manage and execute payment processes efficiently


Data is encrypted and secure with full audit trail available

How Pagero's E-banking solution benefits your business

Find out more about Pagero's E-banking solution, why you shouldn’t confuse it with online banking, its benefits for companies and what to consider when getting started.

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Pagero’s electronic banking solutions are helping businesses of all sizes and industries better manage company finances. Read the blog

Add-ons for smoother e-banking


Your one-stop shop for signing payments for any bank, anywhere.

  • MFA (Multi-factor authentication)
  • Advanced signature settings
  • Role based permission/access
  • Full audit trail

Financial forecast

Real-time visibility into accounts receivable, accounts payable, and account balances across banks and business systems. 

  • DSO forecasting based on historical data
  • Currency exposure and optimisation
  • Real-time cashflow forecasting

Tailor Pagero's E-banking solution to the needs of your business

Customize your solution with a wide range of features and add-ons

Smart e-banking starts here

Improve cash management with a centralized view of your financial accounts and more streamlined payment processing.
  • Gain oversight and control of financial data
  • View all banks and companies on one interface
  • Ensure secure and compliant e-banking

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