P2P and O2C Automation

Happy suppliers and content customers lie on the other side of superior purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash processes. Achieve seamless e-document handling and exchange with Pagero.

A radical upgrade for P2P and O2C

Say goodbye to the slow and inefficient purchase-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (O2C) processes that keep your teams tied up in mundane transaction management. With Pagero, you gain access to scalable electronic document exchange through our open, global network. Conduct direct and secure transactions with buyers and suppliers around the world, and enjoy built-in compliance with relevant regulations. Our platform supports a vast range of documents from catalogues to POs to invoices to dispatch advice to payment instructions, and they can be formatted and enriched to your specifications. Automated document processing with Pagero not only speeds up cycle times and eliminates errors, it also gives your business access to comprehensive, accurate data. 

E-document exchange

Streamline how you distribute and receive catalogues, orders and invoices.


Store all sent and received documents according to local legal requirements.


Unlock the value of access to line-level document data. 

The advantages of Pagero’s P2P and O2C solution


Turn your P2P and O2C process 100% digital from day one


Automate document entry and processing, ensuring data accuracy


Fulfil e-document and tax regulations worldwide


Integrate seamlessly with all your existing systems

Add-ons for a smoother P2P and O2C process

Visualize your spend and sales patterns with Pagero Analytics

Access complete and accurate sales and purchase data in one place, even when you utilize multiple systems.

  • Real-time spend/order visibility
  • Line-level breakdown
  • Report exports
  • Historical trend reporting
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All your business documents in one place

Struggling to find related orders, dispatch advice and invoices? Find them all here, and easily filter and search when you need to fetch specific information. 

  • Storage that complies with local regulations
  • Extended search functionality

Trading Partner Portal

All your customers and suppliers gain access to a free platform for transactions.

  • Order-to-invoice flip (suppliers)
  • Automated invoice validation
  • No need for system integration

Take the first step towards a better P2P and O2C process

Contact us to learn more about how Pagero can help you fulfil your automation goals and compliance requirements with less effort. 

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Customize your solution with additional features and add-ons

Streamline and automate purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash

Achieve significant improvements to your P2P and O2C processes, no matter where your business may be in its digital journey.
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Connect to all your trading partners worldwide
  • Go digital for business resilience and growth

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