AR Automation solutions

Step into the global accounts receivable fast track. Pagero’s AR Automation solution helps you create fully digital and compliant invoicing flows.

Send all of your customer invoices quickly and easily

By connecting your ERP system to the Pagero Network, you can start distributing all your customer invoices electronically. Do certain customers prefer paper or PDF? Pagero handles it for you, automatically. Regardless of the digital capabilities of your customers, Pagero’s AR Automation solution guarantees timely delivery and accurate data — every time.


Send e-invoices directly to customers, no matter which service provider or network they use.

Government hubs and interoperability

Connect to hundreds of government infrastructures and e-invoicing platforms.

Peppol access

Gain access to Peppol to conduct fast, secure, borderless trade.

Mail and email distribution

Pagero converts your e-invoices to paper or emailed PDFs for customers who aren’t e-ready.

The advantages of AR Automation with Pagero


Achieve 100% digital customer invoice distribution from day one


Ensure local e-invoicing and tax compliance in all countries where you operate


Reach all your customers, regardless of country, platform or provider


Integrate with any ERP system to continue operations without adding new interfaces

Add-ons for a smoother Accounts Receivable process

E-invoice notification watchlist

Lower AR costs every time a customer switches to e-invoicing.

  • Instant notifications when customers join
  • Automatic addition to your match list

Dig deeper into AR Automation

Webinar: How to automate accounts receivable invoicing

Take a closer look at how Pagero's Accounts Receivable Automation solution helps businesses digitalize and automate the customer invoicing process.

Guide: A better accounts receivable process starts with e-invoicing

In our free e-book you can learn how to implement customer e-invoicing, which significantly reduces errors and saves time, money and resources.

Blog: What is AR Automation?

Accounts Receivable Automation is the end-to-end digitalization of the invoicing process. Learn what to keep in mind when getting started with automated customer invoicing in our blog article. 

Customize your solution with a wide range of features and add-ons

Book a personal introduction to AR Automation with Pagero

Learn how you can automate your customer invoicing process and streamline operations.

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How we help companies with Accounts Receivable Automation

Automate your customer invoicing with Pagero

Accelerate your AR process and ensure constant compliance — no matter where in the world you do business.
  • Send all your invoices electronically through the Pagero Network
  • Automate manual accounts receivable tasks
  • Reach the private and public sector on a single platform

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