Print Distribution

Leave the envelopes to us. With Pagero's Print Distribution service, invoices and reminders are dispatched by mail to trading partners that lack digital capabilities.

A unified digital invoicing flow

Give your customers flexible options while maintaining the efficiency and control of your 100% digital invoicing flow. Simply create invoices as you normally would in your ERP and transmit them to Pagero. We assess the electronic capabilities of the end recipients; for those unable to receive e-invoices, we ensure delivery by PDF in an email or a printed and mailed invoice.

Advantages of Pagero Print Distribution

One platform, any process

Complement e-invoices and emailed PDFs with paper invoices and payment reminders

Quick setup

No need to worry about difficult implementation, as our service simplifies setup and minimizes start-up times

Your own layout

Keep using your existing ERP invoice layout we distribute your PDFs to the mail facility

Process all in one go

Documents are automatically routed to the production facility so you can process all your invoices in one batch

An easy switch as customers become e-ready

Transformation can take time. Pagero keeps track of where your customers are in their digital journey so you don't have to. When a customer becomes ready to start receiving e-invoices they will be switched automatically from print to electronic distribution.

Download our one-pager

Pagero Print Distribution simplifies and optimizes your entire outbound invoicing process. Depending on the recipient's capabilities, invoices and reminders can be printed and mailed to them, domestically or internationally. Download our one-pager to learn more!


AR Automation

This service is a part of Pagero’s AR Automation solution. By connecting your ERP to the Pagero Network, you can start sending all of your invoices electronically. 

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Simplify your entire outbound invoicing process with an effortless solution for handling print and distribution.
  • Better visibility and control over your invoicing process
  • Global mail delivery, no need to deal with local providers
  • An easy paper-to-e transition over time

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