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Brad Colie, Senior Account Executive

Quick questions for a Senior Account Executive

Brad Colie is part of our US sales force as a senior account executive in Atlanta. Brad helps build the Pagero Network in the US, where it’s not just about selling our services but rather developing relationships and helping educate clients on how Pagero supports businesses in their digital transformation projects and automated processes.


What does a typical workday look like for you at Pagero?
There is no typical workday for me, really. It’s a mixed bag of sales prospecting and account management. At the end of the day though, I always need to look back and make sure that I’m building pipeline and developing relationships with the marketplace, which will allow us to sell and make money here in the US.

What makes your work exciting?
The US is an immature market. I really enjoy the consultative approach to sales and the educational element that I can offer my clients. They really need help to understand the world of “digital transformation,” and I believe the US is far behind on automation of the O2C and P2P processes. It’s exciting to help them understand how we can help support this initiative as a partner, not just a vendor/provider.

What’s the market like in the US and where do you see Pagero in five years’ time?
Pagero has a HUGE opportunity in the US. This is a massive market with very little adoption of truly electronic exchange of documentation. I believe that if we approach the market in the right way and offer our expertise as well as our solutions for digitalization and automation, then we could see incredible growth of the US sales team and revenues here. In five years, I would think that we will be the #1 company in our space here in the US.

I really enjoy the consultative approach to sales and the educational element that I can offer my clients.


What job would you like to have if you didn’t have this one?
Interesting question. I suppose I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. However, in order to teach, you need to know…So, I suppose I have a lot more to learn before I can take on that responsibility of teaching.

Is there anything that you are particularly good or horribly bad at?
I like to think that I’m athletic. I also like to believe that I am compassionate, and that I can read people. Unfortunately, I’m terrible at chess and music…oh, and Swedish! These are all things I’m working on, though!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
Ha! Ever since I was a kid, I always wished that I could fly. While my eight-year-old disagrees with this response (he thinks that it’s limited and a superpower like speed would include flying as well as other powers), I’ve always wanted to fly! A very close second would be telekinesis.

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