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Mathilda Einarsson, 1st Line Analyst

Quick questions for a 1st Line Analyst

Mathilda Einarsson is one of our clever and trusted 1st line analysts at Pagero. She has worked for two years at the Gothenburg Office after being headhunted for the job, where she takes good care of customers in need of support.


What’s it like working at Pagero?
I got a good feeling right from the start that this is a place I want to be. My colleagues are wonderful, and I love the culture that we have in our department and at Pagero overall. People say hi to each other, it’s easy to have a chat or grab a coffee, and we work closely within the team and with other departments. There is no shame in asking for help without having to feel stupid or insecure. It feels like family in a way, which might sound cheesy, but it’s something I have never experienced before at any of my previous workplaces. There, I felt like just one in the crowd and that nobody really saw me. But that’s not at all my experience here. It might be stressful at times or you might be having a bad day, but everyone has each other’s backs and I feel like I’m part of a team.

What motivates you the most in your work?
I really like to help people, so to feel that I get to do that every day is really rewarding. I can help make their day a little better, even if it might just be something small like helping them out with a new password or answering some technical questions.

I have a physical disability, where my arms and legs don’t work properly, and I’m so reliant on assistance in my everyday life myself, so it feels good to give something back to someone else.

Pagero has also shown a lot of consideration for my physical challenges, making sure that I can get around in the office and providing specialised equipment to make it easier. It allows me to be at the office as much as I can, and that social factor, along with good and understanding bosses, is also a motivator to me.

My colleagues are wonderful, and I love the culture that we have in our department and at Pagero overall.


What is the general response from customers and is it challenging to do what you do?
People appreciate what we do, which makes my job much more fun! I’ve never experienced any personal attacks here, with customers being angry or yelling. It’s unlike many other support desks where you work on a strict time limit, with only a few minutes to help each customer before having to transfer them along.

I sit with the customer until their problem is solved, no matter how big or small it may be. It can take everything from a few minutes to a couple of days, depending on the complexity of their needs. I’m involved in all stages, so I can make sure that their problems are solved directly. Then they won’t have to feel frustrated or be sent back and forth between different people in different departments. I think having that personal connection with customers is really important and appreciated.

What would you consider the best technical creation from the past decade that you use in your everyday life?
My car! That it’s possible to get a car adjusted with handicap aid equipment, like manoeuvring turn signals with your neck or having a smaller steering wheel, and all those types of technical adjustments. People without arms or legs or other disabilities are still able to drive and get around freely – that’s massive!

What do most people not know about you?
Perhaps that I am a competitive swimmer. People might not think that when they see me. I first started swimming five years ago, and last year I competed in the Swedish Championships. I also love to sing and make music, and I’m an adamant Harry Potter fan!

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