Refer to Pagero’s Master Subscription Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, and Data Processing Agreement here.

Basic Service Level Agreement

Pagero provides a quality Service that:

– have a high availability
– ensures that business documents are handled within the agreed time frames
– includes support to Customer through Pagero’s Support Center.


The following terms and conditions apply to the support services provided by Pagero Support:

1. General Overview

1.1. This Basic Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a compliment to the agreement for the provision of products or services by Pagero to Customer, and governs the availability of concerned products or services. In the event of any conflict between the content of the Agreement and this SLA, the Agreement shall take preference over this SLA. Any addendums to this SLA (as may for example occur if the Customer has purchased additional support or services) shall also take preference over this SLA.

1.2. This document is maintained and controlled by Pagero and remains in effect for the duration of the Agreement between the Customer and Pagero.

2. Definitions

2.1. “Agreement” means the agreement for the provision of products or services by Pagero to Customer, to which this SLA is a compliment.

2.2. “Customer” is as per defined in the Agreement.

2.3. “Downtime” is the period of time where the Service is not available, calculated from the moment in time the failure in availability is reported by the Customer to any of the to Customer communicated channels until the Service becomes available. Downtime shall not include scheduled downtime according to section 3.3 or Downtime that is not the responsibility of Pagero in accordance with section 4.

2.4. “Pagero Support Center” is Pagero’s support service where all Support Enquiries are managed.

2.5. “Pagero” is as per defined in the Agreement.

2.6. “Pagero Partner” is a third party with whom Pagero has entered into a commercial agreement to provide additional services to the Customer, including but not limited to ERP-connections, print, scanning or data capture partners, or connector partners for governmental hubs and similar.

2.7. “Service” is the products and/or services provided by Pagero to Customer under the Agreement (such as for example Pagero Online), excluding support and other services provided according to separate terms, such as but not limited to this SLA.

2.8. “Support Enquiry” is a request from the Customer to receive help by Pagero relating to the Service.

3. Service availability

3.1. The Service shall have an availability percentage of 99.5%, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, measured in accordance with section 3.2.

3.2. Service availability is measured by availability of the Service on a quarterly basis, and is re-set at the end of each quarter.

3.3. Scheduled Downtime due to maintenance work on the Service’s servers or due to implementing new updates of the Service or Downtime for which Pagero is not responsible according to section 4 is excluded from the calculation of Service availability. Pagero must proactively inform the Customer of scheduled Downtime via Pagero’s website and/or e-mail, at least 3 days in advance. The Customer is responsible for keeping the e-mail contact details updated.

3.4. Maximum tolerated Downtime:

Maximum tolerated Downtime

Service availabilityCalculations


The maximum tolerated Downtime is 11 hours during one quarter.

365 days per year, 91,25 days per quarter = 2190 hours

Maximum Downtime per quarter: 0.5% of the time stated (100% - 99.5%) = 2190 * 0.5/100 = 10,95 hours = approximately 11 hours.

4. Downtime for which Pagero is not responsible

4.1. Pagero is not responsible for Downtime or any other failure to satisfy the agreed provisions in section 3 if it was caused by any of the following circumstances or similar events;

  1. faults in Customer’s software
  2. circumstances outside of Pagero’s area of control or responsibility for the Service, such as failure of communication or other products or services from third parties or Pagero Partners ,
  3. any other circumstances for which the Customer has responsibility under the terms of the agreement,
  4. virus or other attacks on security, despite Pagero having taken professional security measures, or any circumstance referred to as force majeure or corresponding limitation of liability in the Agreement.

5. Reporting Service unavailability

5.1. In the event that the Services should be unavailable, the Customer must promptly notify Pagero by submitting a Support Enquiry by phone to Pagero Support Center as soon as Customer has noted the unavailability. If Pagero Support Center is not open, Incidents must be reported through the support portal. Pagero Support Center is available to receive and respond to Support Enquiries in accordance with Customer’s Pagero Support Services Agreement.

6. Service status and availability

6.1. Pagero will provide information regarding the performance and any known predicaments relating to the Services on a designated support webpage. The Customer is responsible to ensure that Customer will receive the information posted there, for example by using the functionality to “follow” the support webpage. By doing so, Customer will receive notifications as soon as any new information is available. Any commitment by Pagero to notify Customer of any performance issues or predicaments relating to the Service shall be considered as fulfilled by posting the relevant information on the designated support webpage.