Refer to Pagero’s Master Subscription Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, and Data Processing Agreement here.

Country-Specific Terms: China

These country-specific terms for China (hereinafter referred to as the “China Terms”) supplement the Master Subscription Agreement entered into between a Pagero Group entity and Customer.

Additional Terms

1. Application

1.1. These China Terms apply where the data processed within the Services on behalf of the Customer is subject to the laws of China.  

2. Use of the Services

2.1. The Customer takes full responsibility for Customer’s use of the Pagero Services and its compliance with these China Terms and Chinese legislation, including but not limited to the Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”). Customer warrants that Customer has ensured that any and all provisions relating to import and export of data subject to PIPL and other local legislations are complied with, and shall indemnify and hold Pagero harmless from losses, damages, liabilities, costs, and expenses related to any claims relating to Customer’s use of the Services in violation of these China Terms, including but not limited to claims made by Chinese authorities and/or individuals (data subjects).

2.2. If Customer provides Pagero with data originating from or pertaining to China and/or Chinese individuals, Customer is responsible for ensuring that either:

a.) there is an applicable exception to PIPL Article 38 as a basis for a lawful transfer of data to Pagero applicable to Customer’s and/or Customer’s Trading Partner’s export or import of data, and/or;

b.) that any imports or exports of data are carried out by the Customer before processing the data in the Services, so that Pagero is not considered an importer or exporter of data under PIPL.