Refer to Pagero’s Master Subscription Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, and Data Processing Agreement here.

Country-Specific Terms: Greece

These country-specific terms apply for Pagero services relating to myData, an e-invoicing mandate relating to certain electronic invoice flows in Greece (hereinafter referred to as the “Greece Terms”). These Greece Terms supplement the Master Subscription Agreement entered into between a Pagero Group entity and Customer.

Additional Terms

1. Description and Authorisation

1.1. These Greece Terms apply when the Customer uses Pagero or Pagero´s Sub Contractors Software Services as “Electronic Data Issuance Services”  in accordance to the definition in Annex A of Law 4308/2014 (Government Gazette 251A / 24-11-2014) and Article 1 of decision A. 1035/18-2-2020 of the Deputy Minister of Finance (Government Gazette 55B / 20-2-2020)

1.2 Upon the assignment of the Customer (“Obligated Entity”), Pagero or Pagero´s Sub Contractors provides the Customer with “Electronic Data Issuance Services” in accordance with the provisions of the applicable legislation, which involves:

a) Electronic transmission of the data of its revenue documents in accordance with the requirements of IAPR.
Issuance of wholesale (B2B, B2G) and retail (B2C) documents through Pagero or Pagero´s Sub-Contractors.

b) Archiving of these documents. At the time of issue of each document, the tax summary of the electronic document will be sent via direct communication (online - realtime) to IAPR, using the specific format and dispatch procedure required by the relevant legislation.

1.3.The purpose of these Greece Terms is to provide required authorizations for Pagero and Pagero’s Sub-Contractor as needed to provide Customer with Pagero’s Software Services functionality in relation to myData. By accepting these Greece Terms, Customer authorize Pagero or its appointed Sub-Contractor to submit invoice data in the Customers name and on the Customers behalf to the IAPR.

1.4. The Customer acknowledge that registration to the IAPR is necessary, and the Customer registration must be accepted by the IAPR before Pagero or its Sub-Contractor are able to provide Software Services relating to “Electronic Data Issuance Services” in accordance with the applicable law. The Customer will provide Pagero with a copy of any relevant documentation from IAPR proving such acceptance if requested by Pagero.

1.5. The Parties acknowledge that the Customer shall be solely responsible for the contents of the e-Documents and for ensuring compliance with any applicable legal obligations relating to the myData e-invoicing mandate. Pagero and its Sub-Contractor provide compliant standard Software Services and may offer general information and guidance, but do not provide any warranty or advice regarding the suitability of the service for the Customer’s needs. The Customer is advised to consult with their tax adviser on all such issues.

1.6. The Parties further acknowledge that the Customer shall be solely responsible to the IAPR and third parties for the myData transactions issued through the Software Services. In no event shall Pagero or its Sub-Contractor be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with the myData transactions issued through the Software Services.

2. Appointed Sub-Contractor

2.1. As specified herein, Pagero may appoint a sub-contractor for the whole or part of the authorization specified in these Greece Terms. Pagero has appointed ILYDA INFORMATION SYSTEMS S.A., VAT no.: 094359854 / Tax Office for SA’s of Athens, with registered seat in Athens, 29 Adrianeiou street, PC 115 25, tel.: 210-670.5000, fax: 210-670.5050as its sub-contractor (the “Sub-Contractor”).

2.2. The Sub-contractor is the owner of a license from IAPR with EDIS number 2021 09 108 ILYDA 001 Meg myData V1 08092021 for its software platform “Meg myData”