Refer to Pagero’s Master Subscription Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, and Data Processing Agreement here.

Premium Support Agreement

Pagero provides a quality support service that:

– ensures that all Services have a high availability
– ensures the best support to Customer provided by Pagero’s support organization.


The following terms and conditions apply to the support services provided by Pagero Support:

1. General Overview

1.1. This Premium Support Agreement is a part of the Agreement (as defined below), and governs the support services related to the Services.

1.2. This document is maintained and controlled by Pagero and remains in effect for the duration of the Agreement.

2. Definitions

2.1. “Agreement” means the agreement for the provision of services by Pagero to Customer, to which this Advanced Support Agreement is a Part.

2.2. “Customer” is as per defined in the Agreement.

2.3. “Document” is a document being processed in the Service such as an order, an invoice or other business documents as defined per the Customers Agreement including any addendums.

2.4. “Issue” is a predicament relating to the Service that affects operation of the Customer’s business process.

2.5. “Pagero Support” is Pagero’s support organization that manages Support Enquiries.

2.6. “Pagero” is as per defined in the Agreement.

2.7. “Service” is the services provided by Pagero to Customer under the Agreement (such as for example Pagero Online).

2.8. “Start of Analysis” is when Pagero has assigned a support number to a Support Enquiry and begun working on the Support Enquiry.

2.9. “Support Enquiry” is a request from the Customer to receive help by Pagero relating to the Service.

2.10. “Support Portal” is the designated portal made available to Customer to enter and manage Support Enquiries.

3. Pagero Support

3.1. Pagero provides support in the form of assistance with questions or Issues relating to the Service to Customer under the terms of this Premium Support Agreement through the Pagero Support. Provided support does not include training or configuration, which may be purchased separately.

3.2. The Customer may contact Pagero Support with enquiries regarding the Service by submitting a Support Enquiry to Pagero Support through the Support Portal. The Customer may also contact Pagero Support by phone, but will upon doing so not have the possibility to track or manage the Support Enquiry. Type 1: Incidents (defined below) where the Service is unavailable must however be reported to Pagero Support by phone as soon as Customer has noted the unavailability.

3.3. Pagero Support is available to receive and respond to Support Enquiries submitted in English 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (24/7 support). Pagero Support will respond to Support Enquires in Customers local language when such support personnel are available, but Support Enquires are primarily responded to in English.

3.4. When the Customer contacts Pagero Support, the Customer shall provide Pagero Support with the following information in order for Pagero Support to be able to Start the Analysis and provide help to the customer:

  1. A description of the Customer’s predicament and how the Customers system and/or Services are affected, and
  2. A description of any error messages or codes, and
  3. A description of any Customer actions to solve the problem, and
  4. Any other information that may be relevant in order for Pagero Support to be able to assist the Customer.

3.5. When a Support Enquiry is received by Pagero Support (Pagero Support is available in accordance with section 3.3), Pagero Support assigns the Support Enquiry a support enquiry number, assesses the degree of severity and then Starts the Analysis or refers the Support Enquiry to a technician for Start of Analysis. The Customer will receive a notification from Pagero Support upon Start of Analysis, including the Support Enquiry number for further reference.

3.6. Pagero Support assigns the following degrees of severity to Support Enquiries:

Support Enquiries

Type of enquiryDescription

Type 3: Questions

Support Enquiries that Pagero Support does not consider to be related to an Issue. These are more general enquiries where the Pagero Support is helping the Customer with simpler questions regarding the functions and use of the Service.

Type 2: Problems

Support Enquiries concerning Issues that does not affect the operation of the system or the specified Service availability. Examples are “bugs” or failures in the delivery of Documents.

Type 1: Incidents

Support enquiries concerning Issues that mean the Service is unavailable or for example not responding to any Customer interactions.

 Start of Analysis times are measured from when the Support Enquiry has been received by Pagero Support. Depending on the assigned degree of severity, work on solving a Support Enquiry (Start of Analysis) may at the latest begin:

Start of Analysis

TypeStart of Analysis

Type 3: Questions

24 hours

Type 2: Problems

24 hours

Type 1: Incidents

2 hours provided that the Support enquiry has been made by phone according to section 3.2.

 Pagero shall provide support to the Customer and has no maintenance obligation in respect of any third party, including the Customer’s customers or trading partners.

4. Service status and availability

4.1. Pagero will provide information regarding the performance and any known predicaments relating to the Services, Pagero Support and other related services on a designated support webpage. The Customer is responsible to ensure that Customer will receive the information posted there, for example by using the functionality to “follow” the support webpage. By doing so, Customer will receive notifications as soon as any new information is available. Any commitment by Pagero to notify Customer of any performance issues or predicaments relating to the Service shall be considered as fulfilled by posting the relevant information on the designated support webpage.