Refer to Pagero’s Master Subscription Agreement, General Terms and Conditions, and Data Processing Agreement here.

Country-Specific Terms: Spain

These country-specific terms apply for Pagero services relating to TicketBAI, an e-invoicing mandate relating to certain regions in Spain (hereinafter referred to as the “Spain Terms”). These Spain Terms supplement the Master Subscription Agreement entered into between a Pagero Group entity and Customer.

Additional Terms

1. Description and Authorisation

1.1. These Spain Terms apply when the Customer uses Pagero Software Services in relation to the TicketBAI e-invoicing mandate, which involves reporting invoice data to local provincial tax authorities in certain regions of Spain (referred to as "Provincial Councils").

1.2. The purpose of these Spain Terms is to provide required authorizations for Pagero and Pagero’s Sub-Contractor as needed to provide Customer with Pagero’s Software Services functionality in relation to TicketBAI. By accepting these Spain Terms, Customer authorize Pagero or its appointed Sub-Contractor to submit invoice data in the Customers name and on the Customers behalf to the Provincial Council.

1.3. Pagero or its Sub-Contractor may perform additional services, including validating, enriching, and converting invoice data and applying a digital certificate as ordered by the Customer. After submitting the invoice data to the Provincial Council and receiving a technical response, Pagero will distribute the invoice data (now a legal tax invoice) to the Customer's receiver and archive relevant documents as instructed by Customer.

1.4. The Customer acknowledge that registration to the Provincial Council is necessary, and the Customer registration must be accepted by the corresponding Provincial Council before Pagero or its Sub-Contractor are able to provide Software Services relating to TicketBAI. The Customer will provide Pagero with a copy of any relevant documentation from Provincial Council proving such acceptance if requested by Pagero.

1.5. The Parties acknowledge that the Customer shall be solely responsible for the contents of the e-Documents and for ensuring compliance with any applicable legal obligations relating to the TicketBAI e-invoicing mandate. Pagero and its Sub-Contractor provide compliant standard Software Services and may offer general information and guidance, but do not provide any warranty or advice regarding the suitability of the service for the Customer’s needs. The Customer is advised to consult with their tax adviser on all such issues.

1.6. The Parties further acknowledge that the Customer shall be solely responsible to the Provincial Councils and third parties for the Ticket BAI transactions issued through the Software Services. In no event shall Pagero or its Sub-Contractor be liable for any damages arising out of or in connection with the Ticket BAI transactions issued through the Software Services.

2. Appointed Sub-Contractor

2.1. As specified herein, Pagero may appoint a sub-contractor for the whole or part of the authorization specified in these Spain Terms. Pagero has appointed B2Broute Global, S.L., a company is incorporated in Spain with its registered office at Av. Diagonal 433, 1-1, 08036, Barcelona as its sub-contractor (the “Sub-Contractor”).