E-invoicing in Asia-Pacific

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E-invoicing compliance in Asia-Pacific

Do you have company headquarters in the APAC region being affected by local tax laws? Many Asia-Pacific governments are looking to implement mandatory e-invoicing, which not only supports VAT obligations but also drives business efficiency. With 100% digital and automated e-invoicing, your company can fulfil tax regulations while achieving major cost savings.


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E-invoicing compliance overview


Nationwide e-invoicing, known as InvoiceNow, was introduced by the IMDA in 2018. Singapore became the first Peppol Authority outside of Europe, with over 40,000 Singaporean businesses connected to the Peppol Network for electronic invoice exchange.


E-invoicing will become mandatory for ‘clearance type’ invoicing from 1 July 2022. Six provinces and cities will pilot the e-invoice implementation from November 2021 – March 2022, with countrywide deployment from April 2022 to July 2022.


The Japanese Digital Agency obtained Peppol Authority status on 14 September 2021, making it the fourth outside of Europe alongside Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. The Digital Agency is a government institution responsible for digitalizing administrative procedures and promoting the standardization of data systems, including e-invoices.


E-invoicing became mandatory in April 2021 for all taxpayers with revenues exceeding INR 50 crores, implemented by the GSTN. From 1 April 2022,  the threshold will change to revenues exceeding INR 20 crores.


On 30 November, Shanghai, Guangdong, and Inner Mongolia released announcements to carry out a new invoicing system pilot for selected taxpayers to issue fully digitized invoices (fapiao) as of 1 December 2021. Gradual rollout and aiming for countrywide e-invoicing by 2025.

Global mandates

Do you have operations around the world? Keep up with e-invoicing mandates in Asia-Pacific, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Italy and more.

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