E-invoicing for government suppliers in Australia

Get paid by your government buyers within 5 days by sending e-invoices.

Australian government to pay e-invoices within 5 days

Did you know that government agencies in Australia are required to pay faster if you send e-invoices? They must pay e-invoices within 5 days or pay interest on late payments. NSW government agencies are already receiving e-invoices and the federal government will be ready by 1 July 2022.

Benefits of e-invoicing for government suppliers

Get paid faster

E-invoices paid within 5 days

Reduce manual work

Fewer repetitive tasks

Minimise errors

Fewer disputes with buyers

Improve cash flow

Faster payments for better cash flow

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What is an e-invoice?

A true e-invoice is where your software transmits the invoice directly into the government’s software. If you currently send the government an email with a pdf invoice attached, that is not an e-invoice.

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