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E-invoicing mandate in Saudi Arabia

As of 1 January 2023, Saudi Arabia's e-invoicing mandate is in full effect. Taxpayers must connect to the ZATCA (FATOORA) platform and send e-invoices in the defined structured format, wherein all e-invoices are to be reported and cleared in real-time with ZATCA. All taxpayers subject to VAT are now required to send e-invoices with specific content in a structured format, and e-archive them in accordance with the regulations. This means suppliers can no longer generate or store paper or PDF invoices.

Important dates

1 Jan 2023

Phase 2 (integration phase) begins for wave one taxpayers with annual revenues exceeding SAR 3 billion begins

1 Jul 2023

Phase 2 (integration phase) begins for wave for wave two taxpayers (annual revenues exceeding SAR 500 million)

1 Oct 2023

Phase 2 (intergration phase) begins for wave 3 taxpayers (annual revneues exceeding SAR 250 million)

Blog: What is e-invoicing?

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E-invoicing guide for Saudi Arabia

Download our guide to find out everything you need to know for successful ZATCA e-invoicing implementation.

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Webinar: E-invoicing in the GCC

In this recorded webinar, Grant Thornton and Pagero take you through the latest developments in Saudi Arabia and the GCC and the potential impact of e-invoicing on taxpayers and tax compliance moving forward.

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Stay up to date with the developments in the KSA mandates with the help of our worldwide overview of e-invoicing regulations. 

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