Aquilant improves efficiency and patient outcome with Pagero


Aquilant partners with Pagero to improve healthcare efficiency and patient outcome

Aquilant, leading provider of specialist healthcare and scientific products and services in the UK, has selected Pagero as their partner for PEPPOL Access Point services and catalogue management. Thanks to the partnership, Aquilant is now fully compliant with PEPPOL, an integral part of the Department of Health’s eProcurement strategy. The cooperation will help Aquilant to improve its customer experience, healthcare efficiency and patient outcomes.

The Department of Health have publicly committed to the adoption of PEPPOL across the NHS with the aim of increasing efficiencies and reducing costs. Data accuracy through the adoption of GS1 standards will also ensure a reduction in errors, inaccuracies and a safer patient experience.

Phil Anderson, Head of Operations and GS1 integration said: “The e-commerce and catalogue management project is one part of Aquilant’s compliance to the wider DoH e-Procurement mandate. Whilst compliance to the mandate is essential for our business, the benefits of partnering with Pagero to embrace these innovations will add value throughout our organisation and for our customers and partners.”

Anna Micklewright, Global Head of Sales for Healthcare in Pagero said: “It’s a great opportunity to work with such an innovative organisation who truly understand and embrace the wider benefits of PEPPOL and GS1 and can translate those benefits to both their customers and their partners. Aquilant understands how PEPPOL and GS1 can increase positive engagement with their stakeholders to improve patient experience and outcome whilst increasing their own internal efficiency.”