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Digital Health Nordic 2019

February 6, 2019 - February 7, 2019

Helsinki, Finland

DIGITAL HEALTH NORDIC 2019 provides a unique look at the role of technology in advancing modern medicine, healthcare and wellness. At the epicentre of technological change, the event offers a chance for everyone in the healthcare industry to learn, network, and share in how tech can help provide better health outcomes.

The agenda of this event will focus on the co-operation opportunities and partnerships between all the players in the private and public sector.

DIGITAL HEALTH NORDIC 2019 boasts an impressive speaker line-up of 40 speakers from leading technology companies, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals to regulators as they share their insights within the world of digital health.

Phil Bailey, Account Manager Healthcare, Pagero UK, is one of the keynote speakers presenting “How e-commerce in healthcare is delivering real change – A case study of the NHS in the UK”.

Representatives from Pagero will be available during the conference to tell you more about how Pagero can help streamline your workflows, decrease supply chain costs, and support patient safety.

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