Qualified Invoice System in Japan

Everything you need to know about the Qualified Invoice System in Japan, effective Oct 2023, and the adoption of Peppol e-invoicing, what changes to expect, and how we can help you prepare.


Qualified Invoicing in Japan

A new input tax credit method, a ‘Qualified Invoice System’, was announced in 2021 for implementation in October 2023. This will allow taxpayers to claim Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) input credit from JCT-registered vendors, with Peppol e-invoicing as a recommended format by the Japan Digital Agency (JDA). The JDA aims to accelerate the digitalisation of Japanese businesses and to streamline processes, achieve faster payments, and engage in greener business practices through this initiative.

Key dates

October 2023

A new input tax credit system, known as the Qualified Invoice System, will be implemented. Peppol e-invoicing already supports this new system.

January 2024

The revised electronic record retention law will be fully implemented.

Guide: Qualified Invoicing in Japan

Find out in this guide everything you need to know about the Qualified Invoice System, the adoption of Peppol e-invoicing, what changes to expect, and how to prepare.

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Why choose Pagero as your service provider?

Pagero provides an open, cloud-based solution to facilitate purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash automation and to ensure compliance with the Qualified Invoice System requirements in Japan and e-invoicing regulations in 70+ countries worldwide. Pagero is an acknowledged Peppol service provider by the JDA and is accredited and approved by the authorities for transactions in all Peppol regions. Contact us today to prepare your company with the right tools to become and remain compliant with Qualified Invoicing and boost business growth.

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