The Environmental Dashboard lets customers easily track the positive impact of transitioning to digital business processes. The new tool complements the existing cost savings tracker to provide more incentive to reduce paper use, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Pagero is proud to introduce a new tool for Pagero Online users, built to track and incentivise the reduced environmental impact of their businesses. The newly released Environmental Dashboard provides real-time statistics that show how the transition from paper and emailed invoices to e-invoicing decreases a company’s ecological footprint. The live stats include not only savings on paper, but energy savings in kWh, reductions in CO2 emissions and driven kilometres as well.

The push for sustainability in business

Pagero’s inherently eco-friendly digitalisation solutions are powered by the idea that technology supports business sustainability. The services assist in digital transformation within the private and public sectors with the goal of helping businesses become 100% paperless.

In a recent blog entry, Pagero representative Linn Endresen asserts the importance of digital processes, saying that “there is in fact more to sustainability in business than just recycling or fair-trade practices (as crucial as these are). It touches every part of a company, from its supply chain operations and talent practices to the physical workspace itself.”

With the release of the Environmental Dashboard, Pagero encourages businesses to digitalise processes not only to save trees but also to minimise hidden environmental harm such as emissions from freight transport. The company also emphasises that although PDF invoices are digital documents, they still contribute to waste and pollution because they are often printed for processing and archiving.

Gain competitive edge by going green

Beyond a means of reducing environmental impact, Pagero recommends digitalisation to increase competitive edge by lowering admin costs, increasing profitability and improving transparency of business practices. Transparency is proven to increase a company’s credibility as well as the likelihood of acquiring new investors and customers. With use of the Environmental Dashboard, customers have a built-in way to provide information that customers and investors are looking for.

Pagero’s Chief Product Owner, Gustav Dahllöf, says that in the future Pagero will also include the ability for customers to track the positive impact made by digitalising all purchase-to-pay and order-to-cash documents. “In 2020, why do we still allow business documents to be exchanged and stored on paper? Companies of all sizes and industries benefit from making their business paperless, not only from a cost and efficiency perspective but also by doing their part to save the world,” remarks Dahllöf.

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