Dates for the implementation of mandatory e-ordering within the Italian healthcare sector have changed and technical specifications set. All public entities within the Italian Healthcare Public Administration must be ready to exchange e-orders with domestic and foreign suppliers by the given dates.

The 1 October 2019 deadline for mandatory B2G e-ordering in Italy has been moved to 1 February 2020 as the Italian Healthcare Public Administration inches closer to the complete digitalisation of purchase orders. Mandatory e-orders within the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN), Italy’s National Health Service, bring the country one step closer to its goal of aligning and facilitating the exchange of goods and services between public and private entities. Details and Amendments to the Ministerial Decree of 7 December 2018 are outlined below.

Details of the mandate

As of 1 February 2020, all public entities belonging to the SSN must be ready to send and receive orders to suppliers in electronic format for goods, and by 1 January 2021 for services. Orders must be exchanged exclusively through the Nodo Smistamento Ordini (NSO) di acquisto delle amministrazioni pubbliche platform. The NSO platform is a digital document transmission system managed by the State Accounting Department of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

According to the e-ordering mandate, all contracting authorities from the healthcare sector are required to send purchase orders to both domestic and foreign suppliers via the NSO platform in electronic XML format based on Peppol BIS 3.0. The platform manages the validation and transmission of e-orders between SSN-related entities and suppliers or intermediaries. The NSO platform will handle e-order documents only, while e-invoices will remain on the Sistema di Interscambio (SDI) platform.

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Technical specifications

Technical specifications have been published in which three main NSO e-ordering processes are described:

  • Simple order: only includes the order;
  • Full order: includes the order, an order response and the order transaction;
  • Pre-agreed order: in this case the e-order is issued by the supplier instead of the customer.

There are three compulsory data types (tripletta di identificazione) which must be included in e-orders:

  • ID: the order ID – the identification document that is associated by the issuer;
  • IssueDate: the date on the document;
  • EndpointID: the identification of the party that is issuing the order.

SSN organisations will be unable to process settlement and subsequent payment of invoices without the tripletta di identifizacione. These obligatory data types in NSO orders will come into effect as of 1 January 2021 for goods and 1 January 2022 for services.

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