Pagero becomes an acknowledged Peppol service provider in Japan

August 9 2022

On 5 August, Pagero received acknowledgement as Peppol Service Provider by the Digital Agency of Japan.

Aiming to streamline and digitalise invoicing, in September 2021, Japan became the seventeenth country to adopt Peppol, an international network that standardises e-document exchange. Since then and until June 2022, the Digital Agency (which became Peppol Authority for Japan) and Peppol have been working on creating domestic e-invoicing specifications for the jurisdiction.

As part of the localisation work, the Digital Agency established that to operate as Peppol Service Provider in Japan requires a dedicated approval. 

Following corresponding evaluation by the Digital Agency, Pagero has now been acknowledged as Peppol Service Provider in Japan permitting Pagero to offer services to international and domestic businesses operating in the country. 

“We are pleased to announce that Pagero can now help both customers and partners fulfil upcoming requirements in Japan. I am excited to see the developments towards more digital and streamlined business communication in yet another large economy”, says Bengt Nilsson, CEO of Pagero.

Pagero has been an active member of Peppol since 2012, when it was first launched in Norway, and is today an approved service provider in all countries where Peppol has been implemented. 

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