Peppol fully phasing out use of AS2 communication protocol

April 14 2023

The Peppol Network has been attempting to gradually phase out the AS2 communication protocol for years and make mandatory the use of the AS4 protocol. In fact, AS4 has been mandatory since February 2020. The purveyors of the network have expressed that obligatory full migration to the AS4 protocol is now reaching explicit deadlines.

Service Providers participating in the Peppol Network must incorporate AS4 communication protocol into their processes of interacting via the network and fully ceasing use of previous, outdated, and in the context of Peppol, obsolete protocols. The explicit deadline for migration to AS4 and cessation of AS2, for both issuance and reception of messages, is 6 September 2023.

For SMP providers, regarding lookup capabilities, they must remove all endpoints using transport files for Peppol AS2 1.0 and 2.0. Furthermore, they must ensure that no SMP endpoint makes use of any AS2 transport files in the future.

There will be no need for Service Providers to inform OpenPeppol of their progress in respect to the aforementioned requirements. OpenPeppol will implement scans to automatically identify endpoints that are still in existence using AS2.

Finally, AS2 support will also be completely removed from the Peppol Testbed 1.0.

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