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From Analog to Digital: The AP Journey for Manufacturing Organizations

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During this webinar, Pagero experts will outline what steps to take to move your AP department closer to achieving touchless processing of invoices while examining various tech stack options that best fit your organization’s immediate and long-term needs.

Automation has been transforming the manufacturing industry for decades so why should Accounts Payable be any different? Regardless of where your AP department is at on the AP journey – whether fully manual, partially automated, or in the advanced stages of AP automation – there are several best practices to implement a truly effective, future-proof strategy that drives business transformation. 

Attendees will receive a blueprint that includes key takeaways when building a business case and, ultimately, helping your AP department transform from a cost center to a true value-add for the organization. 

You will learn:

  • What are the various phases of the AP journey and the optimal desired outcomes
  • What to consider when evaluating an AP automation tech stack (OCR, RPA, AI, E-Invoicing, etc) 
  • What steps to take based on your organization’s goals, objectives, and KPIs
  • What factors to evaluate when building your business case 
61 minutes

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