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E-invoicing – the key to improving your AP and AR operations

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Received an invoice that’s missing a PO number? Does your team have to constantly deal with OCR scanning not picking up data correctly? Or even worse, have you sent an invoice to a customer and it still hasn’t been paid months down the track?

All of these scenarios are fairly common within most organizations, and they prevent your AP/AR operations from running efficiently.

To combat this, Australian companies are now embracing e-invoicing. E-invoicing is where invoice data is digitally exchanged between the buyer and seller’s financial systems. Trading in this way eliminates manual data entry, ensures invoice accuracy, and enhances security.

To help increase understanding of e-invoicing, Pagero, and MAGIQ Software hosted a live webinar during the ATO’s E-invoicing Week, featuring guest speaker Jarrod Wellings from the ATO. The session was well attended and received, so we have made the recording available for viewing. 

Why watch?

  • Learn about e-invoicing – what it is, how it works and how it will improve the way your invoices are sent, received and managed

  • Discover how you can leave those frustrating and repetitive tasks behind

  • Hear from the ATO about the regulatory aspect of e-invoicing in Australia and the outlook for the future

45 minutes

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