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The evolution of e-invoicing and CTC models in Eastern Europe

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Join Pagero as we deep dive into the complex landscape of e-invoicing and CTC models, outlining the latest developments in the e-invoicing systems of Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary. Find out about CTC models being adopted in these countries and why governments are turning to them to strengthen their economies.

While e-invoicing poses challenges for international organizations, it equally opens doors for expansion and enhanced efficiency. In the webinar, we delve into the key aspects you should consider for your business operations, including ERP system integration and necessary adjustments.

Gain insights into the most recent developments in the regulatory landscape within Eastern Europe and, its impact on your business.

You will learn:

  • Overview of CTC models & government strategies

  • egional insights of e-invoicing developments in Poland, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary

  • Current timelines of e-invoicing and e-reporting requirements

  • Empowering e-invoicing compliance and business implications

  • Top recommendations for multinationals operating in the region

60 minutes

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