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Preparing your global organization for e-invoicing compliance: How to build a scalable, strategic, and holistic approach

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The e-invoicing landscape is continuously changing, causing many challenges and uncertainty for global organizations. As businesses prepare for e-invoicing compliance across multiple regions, it is vital to build a global, scalable, and future-proof strategy.

Pagero's comprehensive webinar with guest speaker Deloitte Tax LLP delves into the current and future e-invoicing landscape and the most common challenges faced by organizations during the implementation process.

Our experts share best practices, provide insights into the phases of an e-invoicing implementation project, and discuss key roles and responsibilities. Whether you're a finance professional, IT leader, or global tax manager, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed for successful e-invoicing implementation, ensuring compliance now and into the future.


  • What's changing? Current and future e-invoicing landscape

  • Common challenges that organizations currently face during the e-invoicing implementation process

  • How to build a scalable and future-proof solution

    • Best practices
    • A day in the life of an e-invoicing implementation project: phases overview, tasks, deliverables, timelines
    • Roles and responsibilities: who plays a crucial part in a global implementation project
  • Q&A

Don't miss out on gaining valuable insights into e-invoicing compliance and learning how to build a global strategy for your organization. Watch now! 

60 minutes


Brad Colie

Director of Sales, Pagero Inc.

Catarina de Melo

Global E-invoicing and E-reporting Lead, Deloitte Tax LLP

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