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Financial service

Sending e-invoices to BIM Kemi

To ensure on-time payment and increase traceability, BIM Kemi will with the support from our e-invoice service provider Pagero change to electronical e-invoicing.

The following entities are currently live and ready to receive your e-invoices.

Legal EntityE-IDOrg. No.
Bim UK LTDGB145524769
Bim Kemi GmbHDE156709052
Bim Belgium bvbaBE480040924
Bim France S.A.R.LFR46484276068
Bim Norway ASNO958714386MVA
Bim Kemi Sweden AB SE556341248401
BIM Finland Oy0037098873810988738-1

How to send your invoices

There are two ways of sending us e-invoices. Either directly from your ERP system using your e-invoice service provider, or manually enter the invoice on our e-invoice portal.

First option

If you have a possibility to electronically send e-invoices from your ERP system, using a service provider. Please contact your service provider and ask them to set up a connection towards BIM Kemi.

If not, and you are interested in how you could automate your invoice process, please contact Pagero (details to the left) and state project code BIMKemi.

Second option

How to setup your account in Pagero Online

To be able to send e-invoices via Pagero Web Portal to BIM Kemi, you first need to register your account and add BIM Kemi as a recipient in Pagero Online.

Download the manual or follow the instructions below.

1. Add your user information, name, email address and phone number.

2. Log in to the registration page for Pagero Online.

3. Add your business information. At least one of the company identification numbers must be added (i.e. VAT-registration number, organizational number).

4. Make sure that your information is correct, and then click on” Confirm”. After you have fulfilled your registration, you will receive an email with an activation link, to the email address you have entered.

5. Follow the link. Read and approve the user agreement, choose a password, and then go on to Pagero Online.

6. Log in to Pagero Online at

Add a new customer to your customer directory

The first thing you need to do to be able to send an electronic invoice, is to add the BIM Kemi as a recipient in your customer directory. Without this connection, you will not be able to send any electronic invoices. To add a new customer, log in to Pagero Online, and follow the steps below.

7. Go to the tab Customer directory, Search & Add Customers. Search for BIM Kemi, click on Add.

8. Log in to Pagero Online at

9. Follow the steps to add the customer.

10. Once you have gone through the steps to add a recipient (customer), the recipient will be added in your Customer directory, My customers.

11. You can now see BIM Kemi as a receiver in your Customer Directory under My Customers.

Download the manual or follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your Pagero Online account.

2. Click on Create invoice

3. Choose the recipient you wish to send a document to, and the type of invoice you wish to create (debit or credit). If you can’t find the recipient, you need to add them in your customer directory.

4. The invoice form will show below. Information about the recipient will be pre-populated. If needed, this information can be edited, by clicking on “Edit”.

5. Fill in the invoice details. If needed, additional fields can be added, by clicking on “Additional fields”. All mandatory fields marked with a star need to be filled in, if not you will not be able to process/send the invoice.

6. Articles – Add information about the articles of the invoice.
a.) Add more rows by clicking on “Add Row”.
b.) You can also choose to “Expand All” to add additional fields to each invoice row.
c.) To add an additional field, click on the drop-down menu and choose the field you wish to add.
d.) To hide the additional fields, click on “Collapse All”. The additional fields will still be added to the invoice; they are only hidden on the presented view.

7. If applicable, add discounts or Charges, by clicking on “Add Discount” or “Add Charge” and fill in the needed information.

8. Choose the currency for the invoice.

9. Add payment method, to change payment method click on the drop-down list. You can add several payment methods, by clicking on “Add Account” and choose the account type you wish to add in the drop-down list.

10. If you need to send attachments with your invoice, click on “Add Attachment”, and choose the file you wish to attach, and what type of attachment it is in the drop-down list to the right.

11. Once the invoice is complete you can proceed and send the invoice, by clicking on Send in the lower right corner.
a.) You can also choose to save your invoice as a Template.
b.) There are three different sending modes, per default your invoice will be sent in production mode. If needed you can change the sending mode to test, or Certification mode, by clicking on the upwards arrow on the send button.

Pagero Web Portal Introduction

Third option

To some of our companies you have a last option, to send in your invoices as PDFs in emails. Please see what companies and what addresses below. Please ensure you fulfill the requirements that are stated below.