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Information to Saab Group’s suppliers

To further streamline management of supplier invoices, Saab Group is aiming to receive as many electronic invoices as possible. Saab has made large investments in executing this, and we expect that our suppliers are supporting us in our effort.

Electronic invoices compared to paper invoices have many advantages e.g. reduced administration and reduced environmental effects.

Saab Group has chosen Pagero as their partner in this project.

We will contact you shortly to help your company find the best e-invoicing solution for you, and help you start sending electronic invoices to Saab Group. To get started straight away, register your interest by entering your information through the link on the left. Sign up by entering the project code SAAB3825.

Saab Group companies able to receive e-invoices

Saab AB5560360793
Saab AB Surveillancesee above
Saab AB Support and Servicessee above
Saab AB Industrial Products and Servicessee above
Saab AB Aerostructuressee above
Saab AB Aeronauticssee above
Saab Dynamics AB5562646074
Saab Kockums AB5562055623
Combitech AB5562186790

Pagero Free Web Portal

Saab Group is offering its suppliers access to Pageros Free Web Portal in order to send them electronic invoices. Get started by following these steps:

  1. Go to Pagero Online registration
  2. Register your information
  3. Please take the below content requirements in to consideration
  4. You are ready to start sending!

Invoice content requirements

In order to handle invoices smoothly and promptly, Saab Group requires you to include certain information when sending invoices to us:

  • Correct company name and business area, if applicable
  • Correct billing address
  • Invoice and due dates
  • Invoice number
  • Reference, which can be purchase order number or reference person (full name)
  • Article Number, if applicable
  • Scope/Quantity, if applicable
  • Delivery date
  • Total amount and currency/Total amount excluding VAT/Tax Rate
  • Suppliers name, address and VAT registration number, BG/PG (for payments in SEK in Sweden), or IBAN and Swift code (for payments made in currencies other than SEK)
  • Invoice Specification, i.e. what the delivery/invoice concerns

Order references on invoices can contain four to ten numbers, dashes and letters are not allowed.
Invoices that do not have the correct content as specified above are likely to be returned.