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Below you will find more information about how to start sending e-invoices to Pagero.

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Add correct Pagero company to your customer directory.

Contact your service provider to order routing. If your service provider wants Pagero to fill out a form, please send it to

Contact Pagero for more information about our different e-invoice services. Send your contact details to us via the link to the left on this page (enter project code PAGERO_SUPPLIER ) and they will contact you.

You can also sign up to start using Pagero Free Web Portal. Pagero offers all their suppliers access to the free web service Pagero Free Web Portal. In that way you can start sending e-invoices to Pagero directly without any extra costs.

Sign up with project code FreePortal_Pagero via the link to the left on this page if you are interested in this service. After signing up you will receive an e-mail with your login details.

Read more about how to use Pagero Free Web Portal on Pagero’s support pages.

With Pagero Free Web Portal you can also send e-invoices to other customers and free support via Pagero Service & Support Center is included.

Download the manual with information on how to start sending e-invoices with Pagero Free Web Portal.

Pagero invoice requirements

Invoices to Pagero shall contain a reference. The reference must be specified as: First name Last name.

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