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You reach all your suppliers and customers via one single connection

Traditional EDI solutions for e-invoicing usually involve time-consuming and costly configuration for each business partner. External consultants or an IT department must set up each connection manually. This type of connection is therefore normally made between companies with high volumes (few-to-few).

Pagero’s solution is a cloud service that gives your company a cost-effective way of communicating electronically with all your suppliers and/or customers via one channel. A single connection is required – to Pagero Online. With our smart search function e-business locator, you can easily add new suppliers/customers yourself so that you can start communicating with them. No manual intervention is required from Pagero and there is no additional cost.

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You don’t need to think about invoice formats

It is not always the case that your suppliers/customers are able to handle the particular invoice format you use. There are a multitude of different invoice formats (such as PDF, CSV, XML and EDI) depending on the ERP-system, industry or country. With EDI solutions, the format issue is resolved case by case for each customer – which leads to increased work for the IT department or consultants and consequently costly investments.

With Pagero the only file format you need to think about is your own. All invoices sent via Pagero Online are automatically converted to the format used by the recipient. This service is included as standard for all our customers. You can therefore send and receive your e-invoices in the format you use, and your suppliers/customers can send/receive in the formats they use. Pagero Online takes care of the rest.

We support a multitude of invoice formats, and our extensive format library is constantly expanding. Each new format is automatically made available to all our customers in the Pagero Online network at no additional cost.

You also reach companies that use other service providers

There are many service providers in the e-invoice industry and if they don’t have coordinated traffic agreements (i.e. interoperability), their customers cannot communicate with each other. Pagero has interoperability agreements with a large number of other service providers around the world, and we are constantly working actively to expand our network of partners. Consequently, our customers are able to reach not only the companies that use Pagero’s network, but also a large number of companies that use other service providers.

Pagero is also an approved access point for PEPPOL, which all our customers can benefit from. Our customers can thereby reach all their customers who want to receive e-invoices via an access point.

We adapt our services to fit your needs

All our e-invoice customers communicate via one single platform, Pagero Online. In order to meet the variable conditions in which companies operate, we offer different ways of communicating with Pagero Online based on, automation needs, invoice volume and company structure. In addition, we offer a number of value added services that can easily be added in order to customise our service to the needs of each individual company.

Your invoices are in safe hands with us!

Pagero Online is highly accessible, and it is as safe to send e-invoices via Pagero Online as it is to send information via your online bank. We guarantee that invoices will be received within a set time, and you will automatically receive notifications that your invoices have reached the recipients. You can also rest assured that the content of the invoices are in safe hands with us. All information sent via Pagero Online is encrypted so it is only accessible by the recipient.

You also have free access to the Pagero Service & Support Center if you should have any questions. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you with everything from implementation and start-up to maintenance of your network so that you can get as much as possible from your investment.

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