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Value added services

We offer a wide range of value added services that can easily be added in order to customise your service to your needs in various ways:

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Handle your entire flow via one channel

We offer the services PDF invoice via e-mail, external print and Pagero Data Capture so that our customers can handle their entire invoice flows via one single channel, regardless of the business partners’ capability to process e-invoices. You can also handle e-reminders via Pagero Online.

100% outbound e-flow with PDF invoice via e-mail and external print

You create your invoices as usual in your financial or ERP system and send them to Pagero Online. In Pagero Online they are automatically sorted according to whether the recipients can receive e-invoices or not. Recipients who are able to receive invoices electronically will receive e-invoices directly via Pagero Online in their preferred format. Other invoices are automatically sent as PDF’s to the recipients’ predefined e-mail accounts if these have been registered. Otherwise the invoices are printed, enveloped and posted to the recipients via our printing partner.

The external print service also include a smart search function that actively monitors your customers and notifies you if any of them can start receiving e-invoices. In this way we help you to increase your e-flow as quickly as possible and consequently maximise the benefits of your investment.

100% inbound e-flow with Pagero Data Capture

With Pagero Data Capture, you can receive all the company’s invoices electronically to your ERP system via Pagero Online. Electronic invoices are sent to you directly from the issuer. Other invoices are sent by email to Pagero that interprets and converts the information to electronic data and then delivers it to you.

With Pagero Data Capture, you do not need to use internal resources for data capture, which saves time and money. Less internal administration also leads to faster turnaround thanks to fewer DSO.

More information can be interpreted with Pagero Data Capture than with traditional OCR scanning solutions, since the information is interpreted not only on header level but also on row level. Improved data quality provides your company with a better basis for analysis and decision-making.

In the service, there is a smart search function, which actively monitors your business partners and notifies you if any of them can send invoices electronically. In that way, we help you to increase your e-flow as fast as possible so that you can maximize the use of your investment.

115% outbound e-flow with e-reminders

Studies show that approximately 15% of a business’ invoices require reminders. Even if you already send 100% of your invoices via Pagero Online you can still further increase your e-flow. You create the reminder in your financial system as usual and then send it to Pagero Online, which interprets and delivers it to the recipient in the preferred format. If the recipient cannot receive e-reminders they can also be delivered in PDF format via e-mail or as paper reminders. Sorting is automatic in Pagero Online. Inbound reminders are received in the same way as you receive e-invoices via Pagero Online.

Minimise manual error handling

Even if you send or receive your invoices electronically, you may need to process some information manually due to the content not fulfilling your or the recipient’s requirements. With our services validation and enrichment you can minimise manual error handling and in that way obtain maximum automation of your e-flow.

Validation ensures the correct content in your inbound invoices

If you use an ERP or workflow system configured with specific content requirements, you may have to spend a lot of time to manually revise incorrect invoices.

Our validation service practically eliminates manual error management. We create a set of rules with the requirements that your inbound invoices must fulfil. Each time an invoice is sent to you via Pagero Online, the content is automatically checked. If the invoice does not fulfil the requirements, it is not forwarded to you. Furthermore, an e-mail will be sent to the sender stating that the invoice is incorrect including a specification of what needs to be corrected before it is resent.

We validate both that the required information is included and the content of the information. An example of a standard validation that we perform is to check that a certain reference is included in the invoice. If the reference is lacking, the invoice is stopped and returned to the sender. We can also check the content of a reference, for example that it consists of five letters. The purchase order number is another important piece of information that we validate. There are substantial possibilities of creating customer-specific validation rules.

Enrichment ensures the correct content in your outbound invoices

Do you have an e-invoice recipient who requires certain information on the invoices you send, that your system is unable to provide? Perhaps this involves a lot of extra work for you, or maybe you cannot send e-invoices to the recipient at all?

In that case, our enrichment service is perfect for you! You create and send your e-invoices to Pagero Online as usual. In Pagero Online the invoices are enriched with the necessary information before they are forwarded to the recipients.

We can add, replace and move the information on your invoices. As an example, there are recipients that require that references must be shortened or be placed at a certain position on the invoice for them to be processed in their workflow systems. We can automatically shorten the particular information and move it to the correct position.

Some ERP systems use VAT rates. The VAT rate 25% for example, can have the VAT code V1 in an ERP system. If this information is lacking, the invoice is stopped in the ERP system with an error code and must be processed manually before it can be further processed. Based on the VAT rate we can enrich the invoice with the correct VAT code and place it at the proper location in the invoice file.

Some other examples of enrichments we can perform are adding supplier IDs, VAT specifications for amounts, company codes and exchange rates or replacing organisation numbers with supplier IDs. There are substantial possibilities of adding customer-specific enrichments.

All enrichment rules are available to the customer in Pagero Online and authorised personnel can administer these rules themselves. We can also enrich invoices for recipients so that they receive exactly the information that suits their systems.

Fulfil auditors’ demands

With our services e-archive, digital signature and extended reports, you can be sure that you are compliant with the stipulations for auditing of your business.

E-archive gives you access to all your invoices in the correct format as long as you need

All invoices and adherent appendixes that a company processes in Pagero Online can be accessed for 90 days. If you are using our e-archive service, all invoices will be accessible and stored for as long as international laws and regulations require.

Furthermore, all the invoices are saved in both the issuer’s and the recipient’s preferred format, as well as a readable PDF-file. This means that you can be certain that you will have access to the original invoice, which you need to fulfil auditing requirements. Different rules apply in different countries, and by saving the invoice in all formats, you will have access to the document that is considered as the original in every specific country.

In Pagero e-archive, all your invoices will be stored in the same place, which means that you no longer have to search for cross references in different systems or binders to be able to verify the authenticity of a transaction at a later stage. Our e-archive solution is also a functional tool to use to quickly and easily search for individual e-invoices and to get an overview of the company’s invoice history.

Based on the needs of your company, you can get access to you archive in different ways. All our customers can access the archive through Pagero Online. However, archive information for a certain time period can also be exported to an Excel-document, or we can send you all the documents over a secure connection.

Our archive is VAT compliant for all European countries. Furthermore, we ensure that archived documents cannot be altered. It is also possible to attach a preservation signature to the archived documents, which is required in Italy and Hungary.

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Digital signature for watertight e-archive and cross border invoicing

A digital signature is used to prove the authenticity of an electronic document. If a company sends e-invoices to a customer in a country where digital signatures are required, e-invoices are digitally signed to ensure its authenticity.

By using our service for digital signatures, you have a very good foundation for securing your auditing process.

The service is also very useful for companies that send e-invoices to or from countries that require digital signatures. Signing is performed in Pagero Online and you do not need to think about which signature should be used for a particular country; it is automatically selected by Pagero Online.

Extended reports for overview of your e-flows

Extended reports shows what has occurred in your user account so that you can attain increased overview and control. Also, information can easily be made available to auditors, supervisors or other personnel who do not have access to the ERP system, but need information about the company’s invoice processing.

The service gives you reports with information about transactions in your Pagero Online user account. The content and format can be tailored to your company’s specific requirements and are automatically sent to the e-mail accounts of authorized personnel at predefined intervals. An example of a report includes the following information; invoice volumes and invoice amounts, as well as how the invoices have been sent or received. For security reasons it is also possible to just receive an e-mail notification that a report is available for download from Pagero Online.

Handle multiple companies or a group structure

Our multi-company support and e-netting services simplify and streamline administration for companies or organisations with multiple legal entities.

Multi-company support for easy administration of groups and subsidiaries

Do you need to handle several subsidiaries or legal entities? Perhaps you work for a business process outsourcing (BPO) agency and need to administer several of your customers’ e-invoice accounts? In that case multi-company support is an excellent service for you!

With multi-company support you can handle several companies using one single user profile. You can easily switch between the companies via a drop-down menu in Pagero Online.

You also have the option of defining a set of rules that controls which companies a specific user has the authorisation to administer.

E-netting helps you to streamline handling of internal invoices

Netting is a tool for streamlined management of internal invoices within groups, municipalities and organisations with subsidiaries or different entities. Internal assets and liabilities are regularly adjusted to a net amount through a netting centre.

Pagero’s e-netting service can process all or part of internal e-invoices via Pagero Online, where the net amount is automatically calculated and can be checked in real time. In addition, reconciliation of supplier and customer accounts can be done.

Our e-netting service is an effective tool for monitoring and planning cash flow. Tied up liquidity and administrative burden can be radically reduced.

E-netting is easy to implement and use, regardless of ERP system. It is easy to add new units/subsidiaries. There is also support for dealing with currency exchange services for groups with international operations.

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