Handle your entire order flow electronically via Pagero Online

With Pagero e-order, you create your purchase orders as usual in your procurement or ERP system. They are then sent to Pagero Online in the format that your system can generate. You do not have to think about which file format your supplier can handle, Pagero Online automatically converts all files into the correct recipient format.

You can also receive price catalogues, order responses and dispatch advices from your suppliers directly into your system in the desired format.

You connect to Pagero Online in whatever way suits you the best, for example via FTP, SFTP, HTTPS and AS2.

A human readable presentation (PDF) of all order messages sent via Pagero Online gives you a better overview of your e-flow.

Your supplier receives your purchase orders directly in their system or via our portal service, Pagero Web Portal. Your purchase orders are then converted into PDF files and delivered to the portal. The portal allows your supplier to retrieve your purchase orders and also to send you order responses and dispatch advices.

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Handle your entire e-business flow via one single channel!

Make your e-flow even more efficient by handling both order messages and invoices via Pagero Online.

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