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Create your e-flow

Create your e-flow

When you start using our services the most important thing to do is to create your e-flow. Only then will you be able to improve the efficiency of your order management and benefit from all the advantages that our services entail. With Pagero you can easily create an e-flow yourself or you can let us do the work for you.

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Using traditional EDI usually results in expensive projects

Traditional EDI solutions require the service provider to manage each and every new connection. This means that every new connection that needs to be established becomes a time-consuming and often expensive project.

Pagero enables you to easily create an e-flow yourself

Our solution only requires one single connection to Pagero Online. We solve this for you when you become our customer. You can add and connect new customers and suppliers by yourself, without the involvement of Pagero and without any additional costs. The only thing you need to do is to search for your customer or supplier in our self-service directory and send an enquiry about sending or receiving e-orders. Once the enquiry has been accepted, you and your business partner can start communicating with eachother electronically.

We can do the job for you!

You can also hand over the work to us. You will be assigned a dedicated contact person at Pagero who will help you with the on-boarding. We will send information to the relevant customers or suppliers and our team at Pagero Contact Center contact them to get started as quickly and smoothly as possible. We do the job for you, quite simply!

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