Freight Applications (TMS)
Get full control of your freight spend

The value of networking

Achieve sourcing flexibility and shorter lead-time in your freight procurement strategy with our global, open and cloud-based network. Seamlessly connect your carriers for quicker realisation of your freight spend savings from your latest tender rounds.

Non-asset-based logistics

For customers with high-value shipments, an international network, multi-modal strategy and no freight assets in your balance sheet, Freight Applications (TMS) is designed specifically for your operational needs. We work with you to find the model that works for your business – no compromises.

Take control of your logistics spend with Freight Applications (TMS)

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Designed for a digital world

Freight Applications (TMS) is a uniquely designed multi-enterprise supply chain business network that offers a higher degree of automation and fewer errors in your business transactions. Our easy-to-use solution results in lower costs* and more efficient operations.

* 5-10% estimated savings on freight spend implementing a TMS (Source: ARC Advisory Group)

Intelligence for continuous improvements

High-quality data is the key to generating improvements, and ultimately savings, in your income statement and operations. Freight Applications (TMS) secures data quality and ensures compliant transactions. Applied AI technology translates your freight data to real-life improvements.

Complete or complementary TMS offerings

Scalable micro-web architecture ensures zero down-time and services on a granular level for your company’s specific needs, such as automated or semi-automated invoice auditing to complement your existing transport execution system. Regardless of whether you are looking for a complete TMS solution or complementary services to enhance your existing tools, Freight Applications (TMS) is for you!

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Having complete and reliable information optimises our ability to make the right decisions and take full control of our freight costs on a global scale.
Eric Jansson, Manager of Logistics Process Management, SANDVIK MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY

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